A lake in Dromineer

Monday, 24 December 2012

Just a quick word

Wanting to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope the coming year is a good one for us all take care of yourselves my friends.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

This video is about Roger Hayes' Lawful bank and may well point the way forward

Nothing in particular

Well the article I previously posted was screwing up my site so I deleted it. Though I have no doubt that it was a most excellent piece and of great value to many.I will happily email a copy to anyone who wants it if they let me know. Also I have more stuff to post and I have to trawl through a mountain before I can get room. Sorry for any confusion. I am of course more often on facebook, so many posts are there if you want a looksee.
It's almost Christmas again ...Ugh. I'll be glad when it's over.
The world is supposed to end on the 21st Dec 2012, according to some, well we'll see. Not a lot we can do about it anyway. The end has been nigh on many occasions in the past, let's see if they got it right on this occasion...Who knows? Not I. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sadly another piece of our constitution has been lopped off and my belief in our political system, which was never great, is around zero right now.The consequences of this will be felt in years to come. Anyhow here is a poem...folks we ain't done yet...

Ireland why do you weep 
Have the politicians sold you out again?
Have the liars and thieves just taken over then
And left your children bereft?
Sold into a bondage of debt to make the big boys fat.
There's people on the street now, well what do you think of that?
They're lying away like billyo, they tell us we're doing fine.
Making sure to look after themselves, indifferent to me and mine.
Can you tell me where our futures went?
So tell me is this deceit now spent?
Hearts full to bursting with pain and sadness.
I believed them once, you know it's true, but that way leads to madness.
What evil makes you weep? What terror makes you feel small?
Did someone make a foul-up? Has someone dropped the ball?
Depriving us of the right to live in safety and shelter without fear.
Living well, they laugh at us, with twisted smiles they sneer.
Cheating us as well they can, because they have the power.
There is no doubt the day will come, when they too will have their hour.
I hope then that they feel the pain we do with hearts that are simply breaking,
To feel up close and personal the havoc they're creating.
Borrowed time is what they're on though they don't see it yet,
They laugh right now and ridicule when families get upset.
My people, we've been cast upon this evil, bitter road,
The vicious lies they told us, those bitter seeds they sowed.
Bring the "mighty" down from their high perches gloating.
Give people back their power, leave the useless one's a doting.
We've had enough there is no doubt, it's time to sort them out.
The people reign and people are what society is all about.

Monday, 12 November 2012

A great loss to us all in the writing community in Trim, a remarkable man/poet/writer/friend. A prolific writer and winner of too many awards to mention.We are all still a bit rattled by his sudden death on Saturday 3rd November 2012.There is little I can add to the many tributes to the man, nor indeed can I improve upon what was said of him, so I won't try to.Only to confirm that such tributes were well deserved.

A final mention to the inimitable and sadly missed Tommy Murray and his passing. Rest in peace Tommy.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

All Ireland poetry day

Okay well as you see we had a nice turnout for All Ireland poetry day in Navan library. Certain pics would not upload for me despite repeated attempts so sorry if I missed anybody.Most are pictured below. Tommy Murray who was also there asked me to mention his new blog which is:  well that's it.
Peggy Murphy, pictured somewhere below has told me she is launching a poetry CD in Fergie Maguire's pub in Kilmesen,County Meath Next Friday the 12th of October 2012 and all are welcome.I will try to be there.Expect me if you see me.
That's it for the minute, more to come when I get the chance.Lots going on Boyne writers meeting in The castle Arch Trim next Thursday the 11th Oct.
Poetry readings for residents begin next Monday Oct 4th in Navan nursing home Barford Hse and have been ongoing for some time in Trim in Knightsbridge and St Josephs with myself Michael Farry and Paddy Smith. So be well everyone we'll chat soon.

More from all Ireland poetry day in Navan library

All Ireland poetry day found me in Navan library with a few writer friends it was on Thursday October 4 2012

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Me reading, a video by my good friend Frank

Borrowed this link from my good friends blog The Tara poetry blog   by the bould Frank Murphy
Thank you Frank I hope you got my good side..... if I have one.

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Summer that was

Well as you can see one had a busy Summer, I got to Belfast and Waterford and Dublin, got in a charity cycle. I have been writing away but not as much as I should. Have not got pics of everything. I may try to round up a few more. Hope you all had a good one, weather was mostly dismal but one soldiered on. Went to the Titanic exhibition with my family, that was good. Not attended many writers meetings lately. Joined the Meath writers at one meeting and of course one must not forget the intrepid Michael Farry and the Boyne writers will be launching the new Boyne berries magazine berries 12 is coming soon.
Another event coming up soon with writing friends. I will keep you posted, will have pics and tell all when it is over. Till then keep smiling.  

Also went on a charity cycle in Athboy county Meath

Visit to Titanic exhibition Belfast

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poem I sing to you

I sing to you

I sing to you as the day is dawning,
Captivating dreams, resplendent and yawning,
Before day breaks, comes emptiness of the soul.
Clutching good friends to my thoughts, to keep me whole.
We have loved and may yet be loved again,
While the warm breath of silken memories remain.

Still there's always hope, though all hope is gone
There's always compassion... if you let it live.

A few humourous quotes,enjoy

If the garbageman calls tell him we don't want any. Groucho Marx

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.Eric Hoffer

What's another word for Thesaurus?  Anon

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you. Anon

I enjoyed your book, who wrote it for you?
Darling I am so glad you enjoyed it, who read it for you? Anon

How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Unfertilized. Anon

You are depriving some poor village of an idiot. Anon 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Book launches

Okay I have had a crazy few weeks so I have had little time to post much.
I want to mention a couple of books released lately , both are books of poetry:
Michael Farry's is called "Asking for directions" and Tommy Murray's is called
"Swimming with Dolphins".
The poetry in both books is high quality. Links for Michael and Tommy's blogs are here somewhere, you may have to fish around a bit.
Attended one launch and an open mic.
Here's Michael Farry at his launch.
And here's Tommy Murray in action.
A big well done to you both.
Am running a lot at the moment.Hoping we get a nice Summer and time to enjoy it.

Friday, 25 May 2012


When asked whether it was always sunny in Jamaica,Noel Coward replied:
"Never at night"

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Another quote

Gambling is a sure way of getting nothing for something.
Nick the Greek

Another poem by moi,dedicated to my long suffering wifey and her washing machine

The washing machine has eaten all of my socks

The washing machine has eaten all of my socks
I have few clothes left and hardly any jocks.
That bloody machine is always hungry
And the wife can't see why I am so grumpy.
I gave her my good shirt ten years ago
And where it has gone I just don't know.
It might still fit me and it might not,
I really do think this part of a plot
As clothes disappear that I have not seen,
My navy blue jumper and my jacket of green.
Baskets of washing are piled all around
But when I look for something it can never be found.
If I go around stark naked will something be done?
Even as the cold weather makes me feel quite numb.
My mother was right she said I'd come to no good
When I wouldn't wash my clothes like she said that I should.
I have no trousers left now to cover my bum
And I cannot go drinking to have some fun
I could go outside wrapped in our big rug,
I could say it's the fashion when I go down the pub.
Though I kept one jumper, hidden in a cardboard box,
The washing machine has eaten all of my socks.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I got it right amazing I actually posted the link

You see all things are possible even for me

Okay one more try to post "Invisible empire:A new world order"

Right I will try to post the link this way,if I fail again I think I'm gonna have cry, then I may attack my computor with an axe here it is I hope:  okay now I will try once more, if I succeed I will delete the other failed attempts.So you will  think I am just ranting to myself about nothing ,as all conspiracy theorists do ....right...whatever

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Betrayed A piece I wrote when I was very angry

Yes I think it's over now, all our selfless work betrayed
The lying, thieving, cheating types who buckled, because they were afraid
And people lost their lives for less and people are divided.
They gave away the important things the ones in which we prided.
Those traitors came and sold us out, the whole corrupted game,
Only to fill their wallets, we tried our best all the same,
And we struggled and we soldiered on and swallowed much abuse.
Still hoping for better days, all a waste. What was the use?
All for nothing, because people didn't care. Blind principles degraded.
And blind they stayed, waving bright flags, with bitterness paraded
Showing how bigotted and stupid they were, to see nothing else at all.
Cheated of our birthright now we curry, beg and crawl.
No one does bitterness and begrudgery like us. And don't we do it well?
Of course we also do stupidity and ignorance with souls that we can sell
My enemy's enemy is my friend but have you any friends left?
We're going down together anyway because our adversaries were quite deft.
"So what matter now?" you say.The division bell is ringing,churches are still full.
There's no religion here just old habits dying hard, for minds that are too dull,
Bringing us all down together a very old, tragic story,
As it all falls to bits twixt misguided notions of idiotic glory,
In total disarray, we've lost, we've lost our very nation.
Are you happy now?Was there loads of compensation?
Nothing left for our children, only bitterness like poison darts
The battle is over but the ignorance lives on, in our hearts.
"Stupid I am and stupid I remain", never looking left or right
Marching straight ahead like good little soldiers into someone else's fight.
Hardly any point waking up now anyway, you may gripe and sneer
Expertly divided by deceit, treachery and machinations of fear
Easily led, on bullshit fed, and we believed them all
As we believe them still,even now as we stumble and fall.
I will not try tell you things you don't want to hear now,
I suppose it's kind of funny really some fools still worship the dow.
There would appear to be, for me, little more left to say,
So keep on fighting, fuck uniting, it's all you're good for anyway.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My blog got reviewed by an American blog yay,I am delighted.


Blog Vitals

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Major Topics: Poetry, books, meetings, humorous quotes, and conspiracies.
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Blog is stable in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Content: As a fairly new blog, there is only so much content to sift through. The content type follows no set type or schedule, but poetry by the author, and quotes from comedians are both common. Occasional posts about meeting, or events also pop up. The non-poetry content is of moderate quality, possibly because the author is still getting used to the platform, and its quirks. For example there’s one giant dump of content on secret societies that is huge, unformatted, and appears to have been copied directly from a newsfeed. As for the poetry, I thought it was fine, but of course the first time two people agree on the quality of poetry will be thirty seconds after a poet figures out how to clone him or herself–and sometime in the next minute one of them will change their mind. Linnane shows no hesitation in trying out different sorts of poetry, from serious to comedic, so it’s likely that fans of poetry will find something to their liking.
Major Subjects: Writing (poetry, general)
All blogs are tested in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. None are tested in Safari or Opera. If you would like your blog to be reviewed, please contact me.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ballivor library project facebook badge

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


The nutters are in charge.
Billy Connelly (Comedian)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sovereignty (Lisbon treaty October 3 2009)

So many have died for it, endured pain, torture and starvation for it,
They struggled unceasingly, devoting their lives to free their countries from foreign masters.
They endured slander, imprisonment, humiliation, betrayal and desolation of their very souls.
Generations have killed each other, sacrificed their children and broke their hearts.
But the Irish people just gave it away with a vote, a mere stroke of a pen, and did not feel shame,
Along with our children's future.....for the promise of money and a few lies.

Boyne berries 11 I borrowed this pic from Michael Farry

Boyne berries launch

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A little more humour

Never put off till tomorrow what you can forget about entirely.

Q. What's 6 inches long and women love it?
 Ans. A 50 euro note.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Getting there...Ho-hum another poem of mine

Getting there
The evening is falling, lazy birds are twittering their evening songs.
The sun is starting to ebb, wan clouds float by on the breeze,
Green leaves are dancing their Summer dance.
Far away from the writhing city there is peace for a while.
It's hard to relax even when you know you can.
The modern world is based on noise and greed.
The madding crowd is in my brain,
Pressure seems to be waiting in the wings.
Meanwhile life is guttering like some uncertain candle,
Here and there cows are lowing their mournful call,
The scent of new mowed hay lingers in the air.
It has grown dificult to clarify my thoughts,
I remember how clear things once seemed.
I see that I'm starting to age and I'm getting tired.
It seems so funny now looking back to where it all began,
I still don't know where I'm going....
                   I wonder if I'm getting there.

A bit of humour

When asked if Groucho was his real name Groucho Marx replied, "No I'm just breaking it in for a friend."

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An appropriate quote from the bible for these times

Isaiah Chapter 2 Verse10
Woe upon them! they have earned their own disaster.
Happy the righteous man! all goes well with him, for such men enjoy the fruits of their actions.
Woe betide the wicked! with him all goes ill,for he reaps the reward he has earned.
Money-lenders strip my people bare, and userers lord it over them.
O my people! your guides lead you astray and confuse the path you should take.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Secret societies in Ireland didn't upload this properly on facebook will try again

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 Secret Societies in Ireland
 national | crime and justice | opinion/analysis  Friday June 23, 2006 19:16 by Brian
I just hope to show that Secret Societies or groups sometimes exercise great power in Western countries and that Ireland has not escaped this phenomenon.
I think the best insight into the power that a secret grouping could amass in Ireland is given in the book called the The Committee which details the great power wielded by some mysterious secret Loyalist coalition which was active at least c1990. A Derry television producer, Sean McPhilemy, aided by Martin O'Hagan and a researcher Ben Hamilton found out that the Loyalist paramilitary campaign was not some anarchic disparate collection of groups and events but was actually formally, and very secretly, coordinated by a group that included representatives from all the various members of the Unionist community. Known as 'The Committee' it had representatives from a large secret group in the RUC called the Inner Force which was in turn controlled by a smaller RUC group called the Inner Circle and both these groups were on hand to assist the Loyalist paramilitaries who were working for the Committee:
"The Inner Force themselves say there's a third actually [of the RUC] who are members of the Inner Force. There's a third, but there's also the two thirds who are not members but would be sympathetic to the aims of the Inner Force.....[And] the Inner Circle controls the Inner Force. They have manoeuvred through various ways, they have manoeuvred men with sympathies towards the Inner Circle in to prominent positions local police station level, and therefore at division level."
"He [Jim Sands, Philemy's source which he found via Martin O'Hagan] had witnessed the formation of a unique coalition of Loyalist forces, covering virtually every significant sector of Loyalist Ulster - The Ulster Workers' Council "which had been revamped and reorganised...and is organised in factories such as Shorts, Harland and Wolff shipyard, the power stations;" the various Loyalist paramilitary groups; middle class professionals and business people; and, most importantly, the RUC and UDR. A coalition encapsulated in Abernathy's [a leading Ulster banker and chairman of the Committee] question: "Makes you wonder who runs this place, doesn't it?"
So the Committee's fifty to sixty conspirators who met regularly to plan murder knew, as they did so, that those present represented all significant groups within the Ulster Loyalist family; no grouping of any importance had been excluded and, as a result, none of those present felt they had anything to fear from outsiders. That is why the Committee had been able to mobilise and operate the Loyalist death squads in the province throughout 1989, 1990 and 1991.
And there is a further reason [the main reason being the protection offered by the senior police members of the Committee] why the fifty to sixty Committee members felt themselves to be invulnerable. They had taken the trouble to ensure that the political elite within the Loyalist family, the leading Unionist politicians, would be on hand to do their "duty," if a crisis were ever to erupt as a result of the scandal becoming publicly known. One prominent Ulster Unionist MP, as we shall see, was to prove particularly helpful to the conspirators...."( Sean McPhilemy "The Committee" (Boulder, Colorado, 1999) p.342-3)
The book is not shy about naming that person as David Trimble and goes into great detail to show links between him and members of the Committee. McPhilemy won a massive libel trial in London related to these allegations despite heavy weights like Trimble himself appearing as a witness against him.(1)
The Freemasons are I guess the most famous secret society worldwide and are often stated, for example, to have great power in the English judicial/police system as pointed out in the Seanad in 4/3/2004:
" The masons are also a secret society, no matter what they say. There is a large number of masons in Ireland — there are approximately 50,000 in the North and 20,000 in the South. If anyone reads a book called The Brotherhood they will see the effect the masons have on the police and Judiciary in England, where nearly all police officers and most judges are masons."(2)
This reference which was pointed out in the Seanad in 12/10/1993 clearly indicates that the Freemasons were very powerful in Ireland in 1920:
"Much has also been made of the suggestion that the Catholic Church plays too big a role in Irish current affairs and there are many people who would agree with that. However, we must also take into account section 65 of the Government of Ireland Act, 1920, which states:
'It is hereby declared that existing enactments relative to unlawful oaths or unlawful assemblies in Ireland do not apply to the meetings or proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ireland, or of any lodge or society recognised by that Grand Lodge.'
That means that the Grand Lodge of the Order of Freemasons can have unlawful meetings and if the Grand Lodge recognises another society it, also, is outside the legalities to which everybody else must adhere. Section 65 also states:
'Neither the Parliament of Southern Ireland, nor the Parliament of Northern Ireland shall have power to abrogate or affect prejudicially any privilege or exemption of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Ireland, or any lodge or society recognised by that Grand Lodge which is enjoyed either by law or custom at the time of passing of this Act, and any law made in contravention of this provision shall, so far as it is in contravention of this provision, be void.'
The British Government can declare that the privileges of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons' can be withdrawn but under section 65 they cannot be withdrawn. There are anomalies which must be taken into account by both sides. If Articles 2 and 3 are, as is suggested, inhibiting factors, so also are sections 65 and 75 of the Government of Ireland Act, 1920. There are those in Britain who would say that the Anglo-Irish Agreement removes these sections of the Government of Ireland Act but that is not true because that Act has never been repealed."
Some commentators like Pat Culhane allege that the Masons still have considerable power in Ireland.(3)
Moving to the other side of the great divide there are then the famous nationalist and Catholic secret societies like the Irish Republican Brotherhood which contained not only shadowy revolutionaries but even well known politicians and writers like Joseph Biggar and the novelist Charles Kickam (4). Later it of course secretly acted to control the Irish Volunteers and Sinn Fein during the period 1913-24. Another semi secret society that was very active politically at that time was the Ancient Order of Hibernians and if this account from Paddy Harte is correct then it retained some political influence for longer than most people think:
"Until I arrived on the scene, all Fine Gael TDs in County Donegal were members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (a Catholic organisation). James Dillon, leader of Fine Gael, was president of the Ancient Order and many active Fine Gael supporters at branch level were also members. When I was discussing my possible candidature with Dr McGinley it did not occur to me that I might have to join the Order. But when I approached my senior officers of the County Board, it was soon made clear that if I wanted the Fine Gael nomination I would have to join the AOH. I asked why I should be forced to join an organisation about which I knew little and in which I had little interest, and was told, 'that's the way things are done around here.'..
The pressure put on me was not something I couldn't handle; nonetheless I availed of the earliest opportunity to discuss the matter with the leader of the party at a national council meeting of Fine Gael.....Mr.Dillon advised me that the choice was mine."(Paddy Harte "Young Tigers and Mongrel Foxes" (Dublin, 2005) p.33.)
Then there are the various lay Catholic society's which are a popular topic of the rumour mill in nationalist Ireland. One such organisation is the very low profile Knights of Malta headed in Ireland by Justice Smithwick (5) and claimed to be close to the CIA (6). Another lay Catholic society is called the Knights of Columbanus which is whispered to have a big influence over the Irish legal scene, with some also claiming too that they have influence over the media (7), and some gardai (8). The hope is that they have not been involved in any of the well known activities that have tarnished the church is recent times although that is exactly what has happened to at least one branch of the Knights of Columbus (a sister group to the Columbanus Knight's) in Canada. (9)
As you can see there has been a lot of talk about these Knights over the years in Ireland:
Tom Garvin:
[The Knights] "became a considerable political force after independence... At one stage many officials in the Revenue were in the organization."(writing in McCormack "Blackwell Companion to Modern Irish Culture."(2001) p.524. Points out also how President Sean T O'Kelly was a Knight much to the displeasure of DeValera.)
Dail 10 June 1953 Dr Noel Browne:
[Elections to Hospital Boards:] "On the Catholic side it is done through the Knights of Columbanus and on the Protestant side it is done through the Freemasons. It is completely undemocratic."
Dail 1 July 1953 Dr Noel Browne:
"What we should like to know is, in the event of a Multi-Party government being formed, which party would be the real government ? Would it be a Fine Gael government ? Would it be a Labour government ? Would it be a Labour Party policy - or would it be a Knight of Columbanus policy?"
Seanad 28 Nov 1956 Professor Stanford:
"One of the things that is doing most damage to our nation at the moment is the existence of these conflicting secret societies [interpreted as meaning the Freemasons and the Knights] and I hope the Minister and the other Minister will do all in their power to prevent their gaining any control of the national economy, or the politics of the country."
Dail Dr Noel Browne 16 July 1969
"In regard to the whole business of appointments [to the Universities], I do not think there is much to choose between the two of them—the Knights of Columbanus predominantly in University College and the Freemasons in Trinity College— and the two of them going on together presumably sharing out the different jobs to suit themselves."
Paddy Devlin relates some political maneuverings by the Knights (and it is often said the Catholic hierarchy) at the beginning of the troubles:
"What I learned from a friendly Catholic lawyer was that Hume had been at a meeting in Donegal designed to form a Catholic national party. .. What surprised me was that none of our group [the group which later became the SDLP] were invited to come to the meeting or were even involved with it, which we had heard later, had been attended by middle class Catholics, mainly from Derry. I could smell that the Knights of Columbanus were involved."( From his autobiography "Straight Left" p.137-140 quoted in a comment by Brendan Heading to the article "All them killings" at soc.culture.europe 28 Jan 1998.)
Dail Dr Noel Browne 18 Oct 1977:
"There are still diehards of my generation within the profession but the new intake is not only extremely highly qualified but is better qualified because you cannot get into a consultant situation and then into a position as a consultant in a hospital unless you are extremely well qualified now because of the appointments system. It is no longer confined, as it was in the old days, to the Knights of Columbanus on the Catholic side and the Freemason Order on the other side."
Dail 15 May 1985 Mr. Haughey [referring to some pretty famous international groups that he (and now many others) look upon as powerful secret societies. Liam Lawlor who figured prominently during the next FF government was another member of the Trilateral Commission, as is Mary Robinson (10). According to an interview with Mike Peters of Leeds Metropolitan University "members of Bilderberg helped to conceive, establish and create all of the major European institutions." This is based on his research into sources like the Gaitskell papers.(11) ]:
"The Taoiseach also used his visit to America to attend this secret Bilderberg Conference, a group about which many people have grave doubts. It does not matter how the Taoiseach comes in here to shout, bluster and use personal abuse, because we have grave doubts about this organisation and its conferences. I have always had the impression that the Taoiseach had strong views about secret societies; yet he belongs or has belonged to a number of very powerful international bodies and groups whose aims and objectives, methods of operation and meetings are definitely secret and none more than this Bilderberg group. How can the Taoiseach justify attending a Bilderberg meeting? If it is wrong for a Taoiseach, and I believe it is, or a Minister to be a member of the Free Masonic Order, the Knights of Columbanus or Opus Dei, why is it all right for him to be a member of an arguably far more powerful secular secret society like the Bilderberg Conference?
If Deputies opposite would consider this thing calmly and objectively they would agree with me that it is not appropriate for the Taoiseach to continue to attend secret meetings which have a heavy NATO presence and with NATO subjects figuring in a major way on the agenda. How can the Taoiseach credibly object to NATO matters being discussed for instance in the European Council when he voluntarily attends this type of meeting.
Another aspect is the entitlement of this House to know precisely what took place and to have all the important relevant documents laid on the table of this House. By that I intend to judge the Taoiseach. If the Taoiseach does that and we have an opportunity to consider the documentation, all of us, in fairness, will have to review our accusation of secrecy about the Bilderberg conference. If those documents are not placed on the table of the House and if we are not given this vital information we will have to form our own opinions and confirm ourselves in our worst suspicions.
Apart from the NATO aspects the purpose of bodies like the Bilderberg group and the Tri-lateral commission is to foster an international élite and to promote the interests of huge multi-national corporations. I am absolutely certain that at that gathering with all those bankers and heads of huge multi-national corporations and others of that ilk, the position of the unemployed in my constituency of Coolock did not rate as a very high priority. It would have been far more appropriate if our Taoiseach were devoting himself in any international forum to this type of problem rather than these very dangerous subjects and discussions which take place at things like the Bilderberg Conference. I suspect that the Taoiseach remains a member of that organisation for some personal political reason. I understand that that type of organisation is prepared to support particular politicians in their objectives in their own countries. Will the Taoiseach say if anything like that was involved at this conference?
Can the Taoiseach expect some assistance in his own political career from these multinational friends, these international bankers?
Proinsias De Rossa: The Taoiseach is treating this as if the only question involved was one of neutrality and whether this State would be a member of a military bloc, but there are greater implications in that the Bilderberg group as I understand it is involved with influencing the foreign policies of the countries which are represented on it.
....[quoting the Irish Press:] “The object is not to `draw the attention' of the greater population to Bilderberg activity. Bilderberg's existence is often denied, even by foreign ministry officials. Apart from planted newspaper articles, no Bilderberg publications are available to the public. The extent of media blackout is remarkable; insight into how this is achieved comes from a confidential memo of the steering group meeting in preparation of the 1984 conference at Williamsburg.”
Fintan O'Toole and Kieran Rose:
"A leading right-wing activist wrote in 1988 that members of the Knights of Columbanus occupy positions of influence in many walks of life and at the highest level. They are asked to be confidentially politically active:
'We also need to keep our eyes on hospital boards; ethics committees; school boards; parent's groups...trying to keep the right government in power, or at least the one which is the lesser evil... such a network (of activists) if well motivated and highly confidential could do wonders quietly without coming out openly as Knights. An organisation or a group is never more powerful than when it influences events without being itself regarded as the initiator.'" ("The Evaluation of Gay and Lesbian Politics in Ireland" (Cork, 1994) p.29.)
Dail 14 Nov 1991 Pat Rabbitte:
[Hoping that soon will be dispelled:] "the suspected shadow of the Knights of Columbanus from the Customs House."
Dail Mr Bree 27 Sept 1995:
".. the Knights of Columbanus, a patriarchal, sectarian, secretive and fundamentalist network of influential men who have exerted power and influence in all sectors of society. While some people might be under the impression that the Knights of Columbanus is a type of charitable organisation, this is not the case. ... Despite the fact that they wish to remain in the background where they can manipulate and influence the agenda in a subtle and simple manner..."
Lord Laird reported in the Belfast Telegraph 11 May 2006:
"Allegations that a cross-border body is being run by a Catholic organisation have been levelled by an Ulster Unionist politician. The claims about Waterways Ireland, which has its headquarters in Enniskillen, were raised in parliament by Lord Laird.
He said members of staff within the public body believed it was "now being run" by the Knights of Columbanus, an Irish Catholic lay organisation." (12)
..from the Irish News 12 May 2006:
"Lord Laird last night (Wednesday) explained why he made the allegations about the Catholic groups, saying that when he was making private enquiries about Waterways Ireland he kept being told: "It's to do with the knights."
"I thought at first they meant something that happened on a Thursday night but I soon learnt it was the Knights of Columbanus, although I know nothing about them or Opus Dei," he said." (13)
What follows are just a few international examples that show how it is feasible for a secret society to exercise a remarkable level of power even in a democracy.
"Roger Everest says he was told 30 years ago that he would never get on in the legal profession after turning down an invitation to join the Dinas Llandaff lodge of the Freemasons in Cardiff.....Earlier this year Mr Everest, who practises from chambers at Pontyclun near Cardiff, had a claim that his career had been blighted by his non-membership of the freemasons rejected by the European Court of Human Rights.
Yesterday he said, "The judiciary in South Wales is a closed shop which I believe excludes ethnic minorities, women and men who are not part of a masonic network.
...He added, "It is my firm belief that there is a masonic connection with the miscarriages of justice that have occurred in South Wales."
(Western Mail 20 Aug 2003
"The scandal-ridden French resort of Nice has been rocked by fresh corruption claims. The city's chief public prosecutor says a network of freemasons is perverting the local justice system...Dossiers that have been "buried", according to Mr de Montgolfier, include paedophilia allegations against a number of Nice's magistrates and cases involving large-scale fraud. ...According to insiders, he presented her [the Minister of Justice] with evidence that the National Grand Lodge of France was behind the "infiltration" of various levels of the magistrature." (The Telegraph 17 October 1999 )
This is from Wayne Madsen, an important source for intelligence gossip in Washington (quoted for example by Ed Horgan over the CIA rendition flight thing), who says that Opus Dei is sometimes manipulated by US intelligence agencies particularly in the Philippines and Venezuela:
"The documents were passed by Aquino to Philippine opposition figures linked closely to a powerful Opus Dei movement in the country. That movement was reportedly participating in a planned coup against Macapagal-Arroyo. (The April 2002 U.S.-supported abortive coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was also supported by Opus Dei elements in Venezuela). The Philippine Department of Justice has asked for an arrest warrant to be issued against Aquino and his one time police assistant Cesar Mancao for the murder of Philippine publicist Salvador "Buddy" Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito in November 2000. The Aragoncilla-Aquino ring is being linked to a wider Opus Dei espionage and political black bag operation that reached into the highest levels of the FBI." (14 Oct 2005 ) from the same in relation to East Timor:
"The Bush administration is using Opus Dei in destabilization efforts in Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. The Iberian roots of the organization and the adherence of many Spanish and Portuguese Catholics to the sect make it an ideal vehicle for stirring up problems in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations. East Timor is a former Portuguese colony. Opus Dei is very strong in the Liberal Party of Australia, one of the two conservative parties that make up John Howard's coalition." ( 4 June 2006 )
"leader of Ukraine's Social Party Alexander Moroz says, about 300 high-ranking officials in Ukraine are members of a Masonic lodge which representative office is located somewhere abroad. These are Ukraine's prosecutor general, chief of the Ukrainian security service, the minister of defense, the first president of Ukraine and parliament deputies...
The matter concerns the Order of Saint Stanislav into which representatives of Ukrainian elite and high-ranking officials are actively dubbed." ( From Pravda )
"Between 1965 and 1981, it [P-2 Masonic Lodge] tried to condition the Italian political process through the penetration of persons of confidence to the inside of the magistracy, the Parliament, the army and the press...."Banker of God" Roberto Calvi's connections with the Worshipful Master Licio Gelli became a particular focus of press and police attention, and caused the lodge (then secret) to be discovered. A list of adherents was found by the police in Gelli's house in Arezzo in March 1981, containing over 900 names, among which were very important state officers, some important politicians (4 ministers or former ministers, and 44 deputies), and a number of military officers, many of them enrolled in the Italian secret services."(
The wiki article also notes the links between P-2 and the CIA. As another of the wiki articles points out the Lodge was heavily involved in the promotion of terrorism in Italy:
"The strategy of tension (Italian: strategia della tensione) is a way to control and manipulate public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs and false flag terrorism actions.
The term was coined in Italy during the trials that followed the 1970s and 1980s terror attacks and murders committed by neofascist terrorists (such as Ordine Nuovo, Avanguardia Nazionale or Fronte Nazionale). The terrorists were backed by intelligence agencies, P2 masonic lodge and Gladio, a NATO secret "stay-behind" army set up to perform guerilla and resistance activities should Italy be successfully invaded by the Soviet bloc ...
The suspected aim of these crimes was to make the public believe that the bombings were committed by a communist insurgency, to promote the formation of an authoritarian government, and to prevent the growing Italian Communist Party (PCI) from joining the ruling Democrazia Cristiana (DC) in a government of national reconciliation ("historical compromise")."(
South Africa
"The Afrikanerbond or, as it has been known throughout most of its history, the Afrikaner Broederbond (or simply Die Broederbond), is a fraternal organization dedicated to the promotion of the interests of Afrikaners. The society was active during the rise to power of the Afrikaner nationalists and during the apartheid years most government ministers and many influential Afrikaner churchmen, academics, professionals, military officers and policemen were members of this very successful and tightly-knit secret society ). It was often alleged and always denied that the important decisions of the South African State in those years were mandated by the then very secretive Broederbond. The organization has in modern times opened itself to public scrutiny and little resembles the omnipotent "hidden hand" of the middle years of the 20th Century. In its heyday, the Broederbond was one of the most watertight and successful secret societies in history. Infiltration by outsiders was insignificant.
Every prime minister and state president in South Africa from 1948 to the end of apartheid in 1994 was a member of the Afrikaner Broederbond. Indeed, nearly every prominent Afrikaner in any field was a member of the Broederbond." (
Note too that the western intelligence agencies and the apartheid government had a surprisingly close relationship on occasion, like over the death of Dag Hammarskjold (
Wikipedia on the Muslim Brotherhood:
"The Brotherhood is one of the most influential political and religious forces in the Islamic world, and especially so in the Arab world. The first Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928, and Egypt is still considered the center of the movement; it is generally weaker in the Maghreb, or North Africa, than in the Arab Levant. Brotherhood branches form the main opposition to the governments in several countries in the Arab world, such as Egypt, Syria and Jordan, and are politically active to some extent in nearly every Muslim country. There are also diaspora branches in several Western nations, composed by immigrants previously active in the Brotherhood in their home countries."
"The Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, founded in 1987 in Gaza, is a wing of the Brotherhood, formed out of Brotherhood-affiliated , formed out of Brotherhood-affiliated charities that had gained a strong foothold among the local population. These had been permitted by Israeli occupation authorities to operate in the Palestinian Territories to counter the influence of the secular Palestinian resistance movements.."
"The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1942, and is a strong factor in Jordanian politics. While most political parties and movements were banned for a long time in Jordan, the Brotherhood was exempted and allowed to operate by the Jordanian monarchy. The Jordanian Brotherhood has formed its own political party, the Islamic Action Front, which , which has the largest number of seats of any party in the Jordanian parliament."
"By 1936, it had 800 members, then this number increased greatly to up to 200 000 by 1938. By 1948, the Brotherhood had about half a million members. ...
The Brotherhood has been an illegal organization, tolerated to varying degrees, since 1954 when it attempted to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser, head of the Egyptian government; it is still periodically subjected to mass arrests. It remains Egypt's most popular opposition group, advocating Islamic reform, democratic system and maintaining a vast network of support through Islamic charities working among poor Egyptians."(
You can read here how the brotherhood has also close links to British and US Intelligence: .
As you can see sometimes there is truth behind the conspiracy theory !
1. . The chairman of the Committee is named by the BBC here: see also: .
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7. 20 Aug 2001 article 'Irish Times' by David Noone .
8. alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic 16 Oct 2005 article "Another MA RCC Priest Pleads guilty to abuse" comment by .
9. , , html p.100 and .
10. .
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13. .
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parse the apophenia
 by osarseph Fri Jun 23, 2006 19:56
there's nothing eldritch about men wanting to have a night and a "meeting" away from the womenfolk.
+ .:. ((( i ))) have all been effected..,
A Masonic Joke posted on a Freemason site (heavily encoded)
[" A postman was doing his route when he found a letter on the side of the road. It said "Dear God, please send me $50 or I will lose my house and home". The postman, being a mason, took the letter to his lodge meeting. They voted on the issue, and took up a collection. The postman sent a cheque to the man who wrote the letter.
A week later, he found a letter on the ground from the same man.
It read " Dear God, thank you for the cheque for $25, but next time send the money through the Knights of Columbanus, as the Masons took half!"]

 by number 6 - legalize freedom campaign Fri Jun 23, 2006 20:43
We concur with your lenghty and informative Document.
When People become aware of the bigger agenda, it is then more easily see the local take over picture; erosion of Constitutional rights and privacy etc.for a New World Order via. secret Societies. The freemasons are the only secret Society in this Country of ours that has NOT been banned.
Every organ of our Country has been infiltrated by freemasons. The mason's hall , not he Dail runs this Country.
Expose is the only way.
Related Link:
so secret societies overthrew absolutist monarchies & wrote the first declarations of rights...
 by crackhead (yep - thats anotherfnord) Sat Jun 24, 2006 10:45
to overthrow them?
god they're crafty.
& only thought they did moon-landings.
You are on the Right Track.
 by Flynn - Tue Oct 03, 2006 14:34 agrescon at agrescon dot nl 0031102102055
I agree with almost all of the comments, the rest I can believe, and even articles yet unwritten,seem plausible. From the time of LouisXXIV, to Adolf Hitler no friend of mine! the freemasons have been active in creating a Patronage, the Molly Maguires etc, even the Patronage of Indian and Pakistani , communities is based on Freemasonry, but its only free for those thats in It, the rest of us can go to hell on a Handcart. The book worth reading is the biography of Count Von Stauffenberg, the man who nearly assinated Hitler, his Plan for the complete overthrow of the State was so good the Nazis actually used it , and so have a lot more Governments since. He was executed by the Nazis, my old Proffessor told me this and he was imprisoned by the SS, the British, and the Soviets, myself Ive only been in Paddington Green twice in Hancuffs. Keep probing, FlynnO Flynn

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A little humour

Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Monday, 5 March 2012

This one I call A house full of cats .....Meeeooow!

   A house full of cats

I live in a house full of cats
And they're positively driving me bats.
They wee on the carpet and scratch all the doors,
They purr all the time ,I don't know what for.
They fart near my nose and scent mark my clothes.
They wreck the whole house and then have a doze.
Their claws are like knives when they're scratching my leg.
Why don't they roll over and just learn to beg?
They swing off the curtains and torment the budgie.
Some cats are skinny and some are quite pudgy.
They steal half my dinner and open the press.
They've pulled down the washing and torn the wife's dress.
They drive me bananas in every way,
From morning till night and from night time till day.
It is extremely possible I might go insane,
Now they're biting and scratching at my  leg  again
me-Ow!    mee  -Ow!    meee -Ow!........Ow!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Just a little Humour

For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow, mind you phone calls do tend to taper off a bit.

Crimes of passion (this I wrote a while back, as you can see I was not happy)

Crimes of passion

Idle is the night, bitter are my brittle thoughts.
The sickening grind of this day.
I pay the price each time, but it's never enough.
Life is a pain in the arse, life is not right.
Justice does not exist except in people's minds.
There is no balance, there is no time to speak of yesterday.
Tomorrow has been washed clean,
Yesterday has been and gone.
Life is bright, life is painful, life is dreary.
Winning formulas come easy to the glib tongue,
But it's lies, only lies, total and absolute.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A poem about a walk by the sea:A cold sea breeze.


Sea waves, all tangled up in seaweed clamber onto shore,
Billowing winds hammer the grassy dunes,
Seagulls make forays skyward,
Being blown off course on silver wings.
Foamy water spitting angrily at the rocks.
The sea is full of energy and sound and danger.
I came to wash my soul,
I came seeking deliverance.
I came here because I’ve tried
Everywhere else and it’s not to be found,
Like love, when you look for it ,
It’s never around.
Stormy skies abound and shake up my thoughts,
My thoughts are old,
Of yesterdays I never got right.
I seek another chance to be something different,
To be a better man,
With no regrets, no looking back,
What’s done is done,
Let it rest and try to forget.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Today I killed a fly and he a miracle of God,
But I was brutal, course, consistant in my way,
Not valueing the life of little things,
Who can hang upside down from the ceiling,
Until I splattered him across it with a newspaper.
I, the demented mass murderer of insects,
And though I cannot make a fly, I have no empathy
With his death.I know how to kill,as do all men,
The things I do not fully understand.
James Linnane

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Yes yes this is James Linnane's Blog

I am still scribbling away don't you know, still waiting for stuff to come together. Nothing in writing moves quickly except one's imagination and sometimes not even that. We shall all remember that famous poet:"Percy Vere" and keep on keepin' on. Be well.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Another of my poems this one is called Frieze

Poison flows through my blue blood veins,
Imprisoned in some senseless pain that belongs to someone else,
Not me. The cold hard day is just a passing phase,
As I sit and play the subtle game.
Yesterday has gone,tomorrow has come,
Yellow spots appear and vanish before my eyes,
I spin and I spin like a little top, losing control.
I am a man with no real convictions left,
Only self-imposed disciplines,
All unnecessary I'm sure,
There are not too many temptations left for me,
That I can see,that I need to resist.
The absolute twist of fate
And yesterday's joke has gone so very wrong indeed.
I'm seeking only peace now
Yet still there is no peace in me.

A new photo Many skills were on display at the festival in Dublin

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A link for Peter Goulding's Blog

A link to Irish blogs

A link to Tommy Murrays blog for the Meath writers

  • A link for The Sheriff from Navan blog

    A link for Michael Farry's blog

    A link for the Tara poetry blog

    Another poem also posted on writing4all the writers site

    People say I’m a dismal fool.
    People say, "It’s cool ,it’s cool, gonna be alright
    But I see no sign of a brighter day.
    I see my future just fade away.
    Like lines on a motorway the years have passed.
    I’m tired and broke, I’ve lost all hope,
    And rivers flow where we used to go for walks.
    Everybody’s miserable but nobody talks about it,
    And some would even doubt that anything is wrong at all.
    Cretins rule and make vicious killers of decent folk.
    If it’s all so funny I’ve missed the joke.
    There will be a time to pay for all these sins,
    A time to pray for forgiveness, a little too late I fear.
    Too late for us to make amends,
    And say,"There, there now let’s be friends."
    But rivers bend and so do I.
    It does no good, one can but try,
    To change the world with a few creaky words,
    To oil the rusty hinges of human decency,
    And lose my pittance of sanity to another lost cause.
    I worry sometimes, I worry for my family,
    My friends, my kindred folk, I worry for our world.
    The nasty and selfish ones have claimed the stage,
    Have claimed the lives of bright young people,
    Have sold us all into the bondage of a fallacy.
    The unwritten truth is a wickedness in itself,
    Thwarted by the media men and the politics of
    The poor trodden under while the helpless ones
    The descending cloud of arrogance which overshadows all that they do,
    While the fate of so many rests in the hands of a conceited few.

    Tuesday, 24 January 2012

    A picture of my bookcover The life and times of a Gotcha

    A video of me reading from de book

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    A shadow falls - I wrote this some time ago

    It’ s noonday and this shadow falls across my face.
    It’s Winter now and still I see, it’s hard to be a prisoner,
    Hard to be free, the great disease of hope
    Is lost to us all, you’re all alone but seldom at peace.
    The world must be born again ,washed clean and renewed,
    Scraped free of its arrogance ,bigotry and greed .
    Selfish hands always grasping and keeping,
    Orphans and widows quietly weeping, depravity seeping into the headless structure of society.
    I murdered my soul to be found again , but it would not die, only me.
    I take my tea out on the lawn, it’s freezing now and so am I .
    It proves I’m alive, ergo I am undead, so much left unsaid.
    I’d like to tell my story, but who would listen to tales of my crazy years.
    So many things are clearer from a distance, up close it’s all so vague.
    Deliver back to me all the years I wasted and I will try again,
    To better my efforts, to give it my all and find a direction ,
    From inception to corruption, blind and unkind,
    Folly and fire, frivolous and fanciful, it’s all so tasteless these days.
    The cold wind sprays icy bullets into our hearts
    And we may never be warm again, only cushioned by jaded dreams,
    Bursting at the seams with innuendo and falsehood.
    I have not told my tale yet, only how it is with me.
    It is as you see, a mission of incompleteness,
    I crafted my world from old shadows, I smoothed out the road and filled in the hollows,
    I sheltered from the storm within my hide but now it’s over I’m coming out,
    To face this faded place to resurrect memories, almost erased, but not quite yet,
    I remember, I still remember.

    My new blog site

    Greetings all I will be posting stuff here from time to time. I am just getting started here so please bear with me. One shall see where this goes. I will try to make it interesting. Where I am at now my current book "The life and times of a Gotcha" is still out there in paperback and ebook. I am doing a lot of stuff and it's hard to know where to begin. I will put stuff up as I go along. I do have stuff ready for another book maybe two and will try to publish something new this year. I have some poems coming out shortly in at least one anthology and submitted here and there. I'll keep you posted. Be well.