A lake in Dromineer

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A letter from a lady called Roisin Casey on facebook

To people who are cushy in there lives and unaware of the human strife and misery going on around them this won't mean a thing.Indeed you might laugh at this so don't bother reading it. Blind people and people with cancer are currently being evicted from their homes by banks and worse.If you are a self satisfied moron you won't get any of this. I know many such people and they always depress me and I wonder at their ignorance,stupidity and above all their total indifference to grave injustices going on all around them.There is no excuse for this.

This morning as I finish work I should be going home to bed for some much needed sleep. But no I have to go and apply for legal aid.
Comical I must go and ask the state to pay someone to represent me so they can jail me.
What is my crime ?
Am I a drug dealer , a murderer, a burglar ? No
Am I a threat to society ? Hmmmm Yes & No
Am I a threat to the everyday citizen of Ireland ? No
Am I a threat to those who profit from other people's misery ? YES
I made a consious decisions about two years ago to stand up and fight back for my future in this country. You see after the so called collapse of this country things changed. Although I was one of the lucky ones that kept their job I may as well have been unemployed.
As I posted a few days ago How the collapse of this country affected me financially.
As my P60s show it's a big drop when you are earning €47,000 in 2008 and are then earning €28,000 in 2011.
That's a big drop. I remember a time I could afford to socialise with friends or go where ever I wanted with my kids.
These days you are lucky if you can afford to rent a movie out.
So I was compelled to stand up and do something. Along the way I realised that it was to late for me. So I said I would fight on to ensure my children didn't have to suffer. You see I sit and I watch the greedy parasites that enforced this shite on our backs.
These bastards preached about patriotic duty and solidarity with our fellow country men.
Yet all this time these greedy selfish bastards continued to draw down massive salaries in a time when they preached to us how the country was broke, that we should live within our means.
These bastards cut everything. They didn't give a shit who or what they cut.
Sick children, senior citizens were targeted, suicide and mental health programs were targeted, the homeless were targeted.
Families were thrown out of their homes and forced to live in hostels alongside drug addicts. That's if they were lucky.
What did the greedy bastards in power do ? Absolutely fucking nothing. They took token cuts but still left themselves with massive salaries. They gave their friends and family jobs in quangos they set up. They used and abused money donated for charities.
They ensured it was an us and them and then they continued to rape us the citizens of this country to pay for the lifestyle they have come accustomed to.
New taxes were invented and then they preached how because they had them in Europe we should pay. They lied to the people and when the lies wouldn't wash anymore they resorted to threats and bullying.
I began questioning these pricks. They didn't like that. My friends protested and those that were unemployed suddenly had their welfare stopped or cut drastically.
Media spun stories about extremists and anarchists yet the real story was people just wanted to live their lives not just exist.
These scumbags hatched a plan to force us to pay for water. A substance needed for survival. We stood up to them and eventually inspired others to stand alongside us. So now they will jail us in the hope it scares everyone to comply.
As far as meter installations are concerned. They've taken away all your rights. You are not allowed to refuse, you are not allowed protest and still each day people stand up.
People are no longer afraid, no longer pay attention to the threats made by these bastards.
I expect to be in prison on January 31st but I ask each and everyone of you to come to Dublin and make that small sacrifice. Come and stand alongside your country men and women. Make the 31st the largest protest in Irish History.
Do it for your children, your Grand children. Do it for those that were forced from this country because of corrupt greedy politicians. Do it for the sick that have been forced to suffer on trolleys for those forced out of their homes. Or just do it for yourself.
January 31st make history make it a day when your grand children learn about it in the history books , you can say I was there when we took back our country from the greedy and the corrupt.