A lake in Dromineer

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My blog got reviewed by an American blog yay,I am delighted.


Blog Vitals

Blog Name: James Linnane Bookchat Corner
Author Name/Pen Name: Lisa Sumner
Platform by: Blogger
Template: Simple

About the Blog:

About the Author: James Linnane is a scion and resident of Ireland, who claims to be getting old and lazy after living an action-packed life.
Blog Purpose: James Linnane’s Bookchat Corner is basically a place for anything that’s on his mind, be it poetry or a local get-together.
Major Topics: Poetry, books, meetings, humorous quotes, and conspiracies.
Technical: The Simple template is exactly as stable as one might expect, and useful for those who simply want to put words on a page without worrying about the various multimodal aspects of the modern blogging experience. Bookchat Corner uses only the default gadgets and everything runs smoothly. The picture in the header is giant, and, while a very nice photo, it bumps the beginning of the content clear off the page when loading the site or changing content pages. Either shrinking or cropping it would be a wise decision. Personally, I’d crop it right up to just below the sailboat, since that big expanse of lake is not especially eye-catching.
Blog is stable in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Content: As a fairly new blog, there is only so much content to sift through. The content type follows no set type or schedule, but poetry by the author, and quotes from comedians are both common. Occasional posts about meeting, or events also pop up. The non-poetry content is of moderate quality, possibly because the author is still getting used to the platform, and its quirks. For example there’s one giant dump of content on secret societies that is huge, unformatted, and appears to have been copied directly from a newsfeed. As for the poetry, I thought it was fine, but of course the first time two people agree on the quality of poetry will be thirty seconds after a poet figures out how to clone him or herself–and sometime in the next minute one of them will change their mind. Linnane shows no hesitation in trying out different sorts of poetry, from serious to comedic, so it’s likely that fans of poetry will find something to their liking.
Major Subjects: Writing (poetry, general)
All blogs are tested in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. None are tested in Safari or Opera. If you would like your blog to be reviewed, please contact me.


  1. Replies
    1. Peter it's something ,if you have two of them you can go down a snowy mountain real fast...I'm almost certain.James

  2. Replies
    1. Frank you still know me and I still have nothin' but still it was nice to be reviewed, you know yourself.James

  3. scion n a cutting: a young shoot: a descendant. I think! but I do know you're well able to handle guard dogs and you're a very tough judge of the odd pub row. Oh and I like your stories well done.


    1. Now I know I replied on email Michael but,in all fairness to me ,I did look it up and I wasn't much the wiser afterwards, as to how it applied to me.Still it was a grand write up and the blog in queation is a brilliant blog to get reviewed by.
      Regarding other matters sure we'll do a few more crazy things yet.Thanks for dropping in again Michael.Just to remind people the link for sherifffromnavan: Michael's blog is on my page here, well worth a look.