A lake in Dromineer

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Starkness of Silence Poem

Well I got this new film thingy and I been experimenting with varying degrees of "Success".Here is my poem The Starkness of Silence . Hpoe you like  .

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A poem from The Potless Generation read by me

This is a popular poem hope you enjoy this one

Well my third book "The Potless Generation" is out there at last

This one has been a while coming well it's here now. It has 80 poems some funny some serious.Retailing at 10 euros plus postage about 3. In dollars the total would be about 20 dollars. If you want one contact me at It is also at createspasce .com on e-book. I will post the link.below. The launch will follow will let you know when all is arranged, for those who wish to attend. It will most likely be in Trim County Meath. Regards to all.