A lake in Dromineer

Sunday, 7 October 2012

All Ireland poetry day

Okay well as you see we had a nice turnout for All Ireland poetry day in Navan library. Certain pics would not upload for me despite repeated attempts so sorry if I missed anybody.Most are pictured below. Tommy Murray who was also there asked me to mention his new blog which is:  well that's it.
Peggy Murphy, pictured somewhere below has told me she is launching a poetry CD in Fergie Maguire's pub in Kilmesen,County Meath Next Friday the 12th of October 2012 and all are welcome.I will try to be there.Expect me if you see me.
That's it for the minute, more to come when I get the chance.Lots going on Boyne writers meeting in The castle Arch Trim next Thursday the 11th Oct.
Poetry readings for residents begin next Monday Oct 4th in Navan nursing home Barford Hse and have been ongoing for some time in Trim in Knightsbridge and St Josephs with myself Michael Farry and Paddy Smith. So be well everyone we'll chat soon.

More from all Ireland poetry day in Navan library

All Ireland poetry day found me in Navan library with a few writer friends it was on Thursday October 4 2012