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Sunday, 18 August 2013

So what is language?

Now this is a thought provoking piece and should be of interest to all my fellow word smiths out there. It begs the question: What is language and how can it be defined? Part 1 of 2

Monday, 12 August 2013

Greetings all

Hi everyone I haven't put very much in my blog lately I have been a tad busy been a  under pressure, lots going on . I was a Steward at the Moynalty  Steam threshing festival last Sunday a huge turn out and great weather.
On other matters many of my protest buddies are busy all over the country trying to make their voices heard and their presence felt.
I have been scribbling a bit but not as much as I should be, the next book? Well I'll get there yet, written but not published. I was also involved in Trim, in the Haymaking festival with Scurloughstown Olympiad, and with the vintage festival with other friends, both got good turnouts. No pics I do apologise, I forget my camera when I most need it. Still reading poetry in nursing homes Navan and Trim.I got invited to a few writing events but sadly could not attend (car trouble I fear).
The Ballivor library commitee of which I am now vice Chairman still plods along, while its resilient members still hang in there for better or worse.
 My friend, and MSI radio DJ Sean Maguire is having a booklaunch in Galway soon for his new book of poetry. I think it's called Out of the Bag , like his show.
I missed the Battle of the Books this year, I was not participating this time, but I hear there was a bit of controversy involved, congrats to the Boyne writers and commiserations to The Meath Writers. I am surprised our old friend Tommy Murray's ghost did not make an appearance to stir it up. I had many the chat with him about the event before he died and he was always planning for the next one and working out his strategy.Sadly missed but not forgotten.
I am sure I am forgetting a lot of things I should mention. I was glad protester Tony Rochford came off his hunger strike, when I spoke to him in Dublin after 20 days without food he looked decidedly unwell, well done Tony.
There have been a number of meetings up and down the country with different groups, one attends what one can.
During the Summer my old friend and fellow writer Kieran Furey had a reading, birthday party and, well attended, farewell party in Longford which myself and a friend attended to wish him well before he left for Sweden
Well that's all I can think of. for the moment another writers event coming soon I will try to have my camera this time. Regards to you all.Be well, James.

Paedo cover up

Another sick cover-up involving a Catholic run institution and Paedophiles in high places