A lake in Dromineer

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Getting there...Ho-hum another poem of mine

Getting there
The evening is falling, lazy birds are twittering their evening songs.
The sun is starting to ebb, wan clouds float by on the breeze,
Green leaves are dancing their Summer dance.
Far away from the writhing city there is peace for a while.
It's hard to relax even when you know you can.
The modern world is based on noise and greed.
The madding crowd is in my brain,
Pressure seems to be waiting in the wings.
Meanwhile life is guttering like some uncertain candle,
Here and there cows are lowing their mournful call,
The scent of new mowed hay lingers in the air.
It has grown dificult to clarify my thoughts,
I remember how clear things once seemed.
I see that I'm starting to age and I'm getting tired.
It seems so funny now looking back to where it all began,
I still don't know where I'm going....
                   I wonder if I'm getting there.


  1. Well the poem makes for good company!

  2. Many thanks Frank always good to hear from you.Be well my friend,James

  3. We all get there in the end Jim, we can't avoid it.


    1. It's the truth Michael we'll all know when we get there, that'll be soon enough I suppose.