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Saturday, 25 November 2017

What it says in the bible

This is a new post  discussing what it really says in the bible
What it says in the Bible.
I am just treating this as a book not just pushing my opinion on people
nor getting into the religious side just what it actually says,not what they say it says how it reads to me.
This may become a blog if anyone is interested.It gets a bit tedious people misusing and corrupting scripture to cause trouble and harm needlessly. I am not discussing other religious I don't know about, just the Bible which I have read from cover to cover a few times.That does not make me infallible,,doubtless I will make errors along the way ,feel free to correct but do it politely.Explaining the error you perceive.Thank you for listening..Will attach link below:. By the by the name Genises means "Origin."

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Latest interview with my friend Peter Rogers

My latest interview with Peter   about his new book "Dying  for the Green" a new look  at  Irish history.Well researched  and well written. Download   audio from the link:

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A former FBI chief speaks out

I posted this before and I watched it again lately.It goes to show how subdued and entirely fucked up is our society , 
that despite the information given by this man that nothing really has been done.Why do you go to fight people in foreign countries who have done you no wrong, the enemy is within. hundreds of thousands of children are being abducted buggered and butchered across the world not just America and nothing has been done..Why do you cooperate with this foul Satanic system.Do you not see it all hinges around money and Satanism. I tried to highlight the child abductions before.Such doings have been going on a long time and now they are at a zenith but people hide from the truth.Why do people make no effort to defend these children from such vile scumbags. Even W B Yeats the Irish poet was in my opinion a freemason scumbag paedo..Read his poem The Stolen child it is about a child abduction he took part in where they took the child into the hills to bugger torture and sacrifice him .And they made the bastard inspector of schools as well as a Senator( an Irish one). When blind stupid people refuse to see this is what happens. The masons, the Catholic church, the Royal family, all fucking royals, Satanists..This cannot be allowed to continue and if it does it will have no good end for anyone. Are people aware and just chickenshit or or just dumb ,blind and stupid. Many people are speaking out but nothing is done. People take great personal risk to expose the truth and most people hardly blink. How worthless people are today despite the info available today.  many  claiming to be  Christians  refuse to see  a  subject well documented in the bible  if they bother to read it.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

So how corrupt is the system? How low will it go?

So  the people  in charge  are degenerate and  thus open to  blackmail  and  controlled   by this. Do they reflect the  twisted nature of our  society   which tolerates this? How   evil are our leaders?

Monday, 8 May 2017

Bankers are something else and this one speaks out

These are the sort of people we bailed out.You think things  are bad   ..till  you  find out  NO  it is much worse than that.

This is a bit disturbing if not a bit sick

Do you  ever  feel  controlled. Do you wonder  how  our  is just a mess  no matter what we try to do?  I sure do. But it is not new.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Like the guy says :"It's fuckin' unbelievable".......but true

You would think the   stupidest  people ,with all the info out there   would see all of this   clearly.But the  the people are programmed to believe and not wake up.So  who is doing all this? You are.
Who is paying for all this? You are. The  elite  can hardly wipe their own arses  without you let alone  fight a war and pay for it.You are the idiots doing it all. The message of most genuine religions is peace   so how did things get  so twisted, look into your own heart and  your deeds to find the  truth.That is if you  are looking for truth and you may prefer the lie it is easier  in the short term.Longterm it is  death to all.
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Well this is kind of about war and the great pasttime of murdering each other

So what is  patriotism?
I suppose what this video says should really be obvious to all but somehow it is not.Perhaps the constant programming of a controlled media has made normally reasonable ,caring people into compliant ,unthinking robots, willing to murder people they don't even know or to condone such behavior. So if you go out and kill your next door neighbour it is a foul and vicious murder. However if you go to another country and butcher and maim and torture that's okay, I mean that's patriotic: freedom and justice and all that. Maybe the neighbour you murdered was just being unreasonable.I mean he got liberated too , didn't he..I mean you do all this stuff for some government asshole , who told you to do it for some high up rich assholes who would not piss on you if you were on fire, so that makes mass murder okay.Right? So you should just go to the families of your many victims and tell them to grow up and be reasonable about it all and accept their fate. I mean you did the right thing, didn't you? I mean you would think it was reasonable if someone did that to your family, wouldn't you? You wouldn't think they were a bunch of sick, self-righteous savages/mass-murderers doing the devil's work. Noooo! you would be more reasonable and understanding about it all. I mean how could you complain if it was okay when you did it to others.
In the bible it says : "Do onto others as you would have them do to you."
So I guess you would like to see a bunch of foreign thieving savages come to your country to butcher and maim your family and friends for a bunch of rich, greedy, evil bastards that they don't know either. I mean they were being just so fucking patriotic right.
So if you are there for the other guys and perhaps they are there for you... so nice. But the work you are doing is both foul and vile. Why are either of you stupid fucks there murdering ordinary people with families like yourself. I bet if you knew them you would find you had much more in common with them than the rich greedy, scumbags pulling your strings from behind the scenes.
Do you think there might be a special kind of hell for stupid unquestioning robots who never question anything they are told to do by high up scumbags who never have enough. Let them fight their own wars, you find somewhere safe and be happy and normal, raise a family and do something kind and useful in the world...there are far too many butchers in uniform and out...history is simply littered with them.The Hitlers and Stalins of the world need dupes and fools like you to do their work for them, while back home they steal what you had and put your family on the street(the Romans did it before them, the same kind of tyrant assholes ,even then. How little has changed really.

What you sow is what you reap my friend ,so expect it when you get it...Be well.
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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Truth about global warming, a pack of made up drivel.

So  this is not the only evidence that  Global warming is just drivel  based on  non -existent  science. Any time I have  bothered to even scratch the  surface  on their  so called"facts"  I have  found so  many obvious  flaws and contradictions it beggars belief. How do they get away with this. Are people  truly so  brain dead  that they can no longer  question even such obvious lies.Lord Monckton  speaks out where others won't

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A chat on Irish radio Canada with Austin Comorton in Ottowa

So  here I am running off at  the mouth as  usual  ha ha......what I do best some say.What  can I do I just  can't shut up.........except when the wife tells me to, of course, She must be obeyed..So here is the podcast  link Austin is a good guy and a fellow Galwayman  broadcasting  from  Canada on the Irish hour   .

Sunday, 8 January 2017

So what is the truth? Well it sure ain't pretty my friends.

This is  a mind  blowing  documentary   that   goes to  many places others  just  won't.Watch it  all   and  see your  concepts of  what you thought  before just   crumble.