A lake in Dromineer

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Here is an unbelievable interview with lady doctor Dr Rema speaking on vaccines

What sort of scumbags are running our world? Such people should be excuted and I am no proponent of the death penalty but for such people I might make an exception. How many have died because of their deeds.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Well this is about vaccines and it's almost funny until you realize what it actually means.

Yes these drug companies are really something. The more I learn the more I want to be sick , as long as I don't have to take their medicine.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My first solo broadcast on Tues 16 9 2014 better late than ever

Well it took  quite a while to post this as there was lots of technical stuff I just could not figure out. Mostly just me waffling whatever came into my head.

Interview with Marion Clarke from Warrenpoint Co Down 11 Oct 2014

A great  interview ,a talented lady, both interesting and nice.  The technical problems just wreck my head, what can I say I do my best. It took me a while to get this sorted but here is the link anyway.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Myself with Michael Sheils on peoples internet radio 27 9 2014

Well a great interview  with Michael beset by technical problems, so we managed to lose the start of the interview. But Michael recovered well and continued a brilliant interview.It took me till now to get this posted. Better late than never ,sorry Michael.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This week's show Oct 18 2014 with me Jimmy and Thomas Bellew

 Sound on interview not great but it was a good one in spite of it.Technology is a bummer sometimes which is why a number of  podcasts have not quite made it to  podcast stage what can one do? All things will be sorted.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

This week's show Oct 4 2014 with special guest Melissa Studdard and Stephen Roberts

Melissa, from Texas,  was on the New York Times best seller list , a lovely lady and a pleasure to interview and Stephen Roberts , a fellow host stepped in to help me out.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Michael Shiels interview on September 27th 2014

This week on peoples internet radio Michael did an amazing interview with us. Because of technical problems on the night  we may not have a podcast, which has me grinding my teeth.I have got in touch with  the tech people in there and am waiting for a result.I must apologize to Michael if we fail but I am still hoping.It was a remarkable interview.So regardless of the outcome well done Michael you played a blinder.

Regarding Irish water here is the law on the matter

I borrowed this info from Facebook and added to it slightly and it ain't wrong folks.
Sharing this from Conemarra says no and it is well said. I would further add you cannot be forced into signing a contract or giving money using intimidation coercion or threats it is a criminal offence all of which have been used by the government and Irish water.So clearly they are behaving like a bunch of thugs and criminals in their modus operandi.Read this well it is spot on.
The post reads as follows:
.Regarding Irish water - for those that are foolishly or be intimidated to pay it
Folks, it is quite simple.
1. You CANNOT be forced (against the law itself) into ANY contract with ANY private company. Its simply against the law - black and white and in print!
2. Your already paying for your water. For example: You are already paying for your water through general taxation. When the last government abolished the domestic water rates they added 5% onto car tax and 2% onto VAT to cover the cost of supplying water to the nation. These increases have never been removed from our general taxation system.
3. NO contract is valid UNLESS both parties have mutually agreed to go into contract.
4. NO contracts is valid UNLESS the FULL terms and conditions have been given to you previously.
5. The offer of a contract has to have been OFFERED to you (the other party) previously - for a contract later to be valid.
6. The minute you pay your first bill - you have in the eyes of the law agreed (a) that there is a supposed legal contract existing and (b) that your willing to go into said contract!
7. The parties to a contract MUST have intended to create a legally binding transaction BEFORE a valid contract can exist.
...There is more - but if you crazy enough to swallow the government and Irish Water crap and intimidation, you are allowing them to make an utter fool of you.
It cannot be put any simpler.