A lake in Dromineer

Monday, 6 February 2012

Another of my poems this one is called Frieze

Poison flows through my blue blood veins,
Imprisoned in some senseless pain that belongs to someone else,
Not me. The cold hard day is just a passing phase,
As I sit and play the subtle game.
Yesterday has gone,tomorrow has come,
Yellow spots appear and vanish before my eyes,
I spin and I spin like a little top, losing control.
I am a man with no real convictions left,
Only self-imposed disciplines,
All unnecessary I'm sure,
There are not too many temptations left for me,
That I can see,that I need to resist.
The absolute twist of fate
And yesterday's joke has gone so very wrong indeed.
I'm seeking only peace now
Yet still there is no peace in me.

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