A lake in Dromineer

Monday, 27 February 2012

Just a little Humour

For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow, mind you phone calls do tend to taper off a bit.

Crimes of passion (this I wrote a while back, as you can see I was not happy)

Crimes of passion

Idle is the night, bitter are my brittle thoughts.
The sickening grind of this day.
I pay the price each time, but it's never enough.
Life is a pain in the arse, life is not right.
Justice does not exist except in people's minds.
There is no balance, there is no time to speak of yesterday.
Tomorrow has been washed clean,
Yesterday has been and gone.
Life is bright, life is painful, life is dreary.
Winning formulas come easy to the glib tongue,
But it's lies, only lies, total and absolute.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A poem about a walk by the sea:A cold sea breeze.


Sea waves, all tangled up in seaweed clamber onto shore,
Billowing winds hammer the grassy dunes,
Seagulls make forays skyward,
Being blown off course on silver wings.
Foamy water spitting angrily at the rocks.
The sea is full of energy and sound and danger.
I came to wash my soul,
I came seeking deliverance.
I came here because I’ve tried
Everywhere else and it’s not to be found,
Like love, when you look for it ,
It’s never around.
Stormy skies abound and shake up my thoughts,
My thoughts are old,
Of yesterdays I never got right.
I seek another chance to be something different,
To be a better man,
With no regrets, no looking back,
What’s done is done,
Let it rest and try to forget.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Today I killed a fly and he a miracle of God,
But I was brutal, course, consistant in my way,
Not valueing the life of little things,
Who can hang upside down from the ceiling,
Until I splattered him across it with a newspaper.
I, the demented mass murderer of insects,
And though I cannot make a fly, I have no empathy
With his death.I know how to kill,as do all men,
The things I do not fully understand.
James Linnane

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Yes yes this is James Linnane's Blog

I am still scribbling away don't you know, still waiting for stuff to come together. Nothing in writing moves quickly except one's imagination and sometimes not even that. We shall all remember that famous poet:"Percy Vere" and keep on keepin' on. Be well.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Another of my poems this one is called Frieze

Poison flows through my blue blood veins,
Imprisoned in some senseless pain that belongs to someone else,
Not me. The cold hard day is just a passing phase,
As I sit and play the subtle game.
Yesterday has gone,tomorrow has come,
Yellow spots appear and vanish before my eyes,
I spin and I spin like a little top, losing control.
I am a man with no real convictions left,
Only self-imposed disciplines,
All unnecessary I'm sure,
There are not too many temptations left for me,
That I can see,that I need to resist.
The absolute twist of fate
And yesterday's joke has gone so very wrong indeed.
I'm seeking only peace now
Yet still there is no peace in me.

A new photo Many skills were on display at the festival in Dublin

Thursday, 2 February 2012

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    People say I’m a dismal fool.
    People say, "It’s cool ,it’s cool, gonna be alright
    But I see no sign of a brighter day.
    I see my future just fade away.
    Like lines on a motorway the years have passed.
    I’m tired and broke, I’ve lost all hope,
    And rivers flow where we used to go for walks.
    Everybody’s miserable but nobody talks about it,
    And some would even doubt that anything is wrong at all.
    Cretins rule and make vicious killers of decent folk.
    If it’s all so funny I’ve missed the joke.
    There will be a time to pay for all these sins,
    A time to pray for forgiveness, a little too late I fear.
    Too late for us to make amends,
    And say,"There, there now let’s be friends."
    But rivers bend and so do I.
    It does no good, one can but try,
    To change the world with a few creaky words,
    To oil the rusty hinges of human decency,
    And lose my pittance of sanity to another lost cause.
    I worry sometimes, I worry for my family,
    My friends, my kindred folk, I worry for our world.
    The nasty and selfish ones have claimed the stage,
    Have claimed the lives of bright young people,
    Have sold us all into the bondage of a fallacy.
    The unwritten truth is a wickedness in itself,
    Thwarted by the media men and the politics of
    The poor trodden under while the helpless ones
    The descending cloud of arrogance which overshadows all that they do,
    While the fate of so many rests in the hands of a conceited few.