A lake in Dromineer

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Of course I could be wrong here.Does this mean they are all on the fiddle?

Well this seems to say the whole Oireachtas is actually on a tax fiddle. Now I am not terribly bright sometimes, so do correct me if I am wrong. Considering the dollops of tax the ordinary citizen pays every day. This is indeed a very criminal matter. These guys get obscene wages for doing not very much in my opinion , expenses paid, perks and pensions and  they wish to evade tax as well. Now truly that is something else. You try doing that and see what happens. Did a guy not get locked up a few years ago for not paying tax on garlic?

The Linnpods my guest this week is the lovely Dr Kriti Upadhyay chatting from Dehli in India

Is technology not amazing that one can chat like this around the world. Perhaps it will help our understanding of each other. I may ask her on again and go a bit more in depth about India. Be well all.

The Linnpods With guest Kriti Upadhyay

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

De-population agenda coming your way real soon

Well some years ago I read a number of remarkable books ,one of them being the Bible, which caused me to see and realize things I had never even thought of before. When I tried to discuss it with people  they were either too busy giggling or could not get away from me quickly enough. So I was labeled by some as a "conspiracy theorist". Now I was pretty moderate back then and all of the things I suggested would happen did  and a ton more other things I had not even dreamed of Nobody came back to  me and said :
"Sorry you were right all along, we were gormless morons too dumb to see the truth."
Truly the ratio of gormless morons has not altered all that much really. I mostly stopped relying on churches when I started to understand my bible better. For instance it clearly says that  2 thirds of the world population will be wiped out, before the end in a number of places, but no one gets it. Well some do obviously.There are lots of things I might go into now  but it would take a book to cover all this.My opinion of the ignorant who snigger and won't see, is that I care less and less about them as time goes by. In the bible it says "their minds are too dull" , I'll say they are. But of course I had to learn too .I was lucky I read those books. John Pilger wrote 2 of them. So  abortion, war euthanasia,vaccines, denial of proper health care, control of food and water, capital punishment, radiation from many sources, they all kinda get the job done from their point of view. Famine of course  is another good one used by the British when they were in occupation, bearing in mind there was ships laden with food leaving our shores daily all through the famine. The starving  were  locked up or gunned down by the soldiers if they tried to access it along the way. Was it not genocide? What was it then? You see the gormless are still alive and well and still won't see the truth. In a famous book by Lady Cecil Woodham Smith on the famine she estimated the true population at around 11 million at the time rather than the official figure which was much less and at the end there was 1 million left. Of course they did not all die some reached other shores, but a lot did die. Some people during the famine even ate their own children. How hungry would you have to be to do that?
If you think that's funny you are a fucking idiot. So now I am posting this link to a video, one of many highlighting what is going on around us and the gormless will still snigger and not see and I'm not too bothered anymore since I have done my best to educate people  about what I have learned. I have a ton of facts and evidence and information but it won't help if you have already closed your mind.  So don't bother watching this it won't help  you at all if you think like that. Be well.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Well this one is with guest Alexandra Psarapolou 13-11-2015

Yes it is actually true the lady is in Greece.What perfect english and what a lovely lady.And for that matter what a different approach to poetry. Humble about herself and of good heart. Make a comment if you feel inclined  to

Friday, 6 November 2015

We also had a high nellie cycle in October 2015

Well this year's high Nellie cycle  in Ballivor went through Coolronan  I was a bit slow with my camera and by the time I got to it they were mostly all in McLaughlin's pub, sorry about that.
The 5 mile cycle left me puffing and panting. The older ones there left me feeling embarrassed. It did not seem to bother them at all.

Well Ballivor library got its official opening

All the glitteratti were there .......even Michael Farry.

A Knight in Ballivor
On  Thursday October  22  2015  after a year in service, the official opening was held for Ballivor Community library.
It was a full day of events:
The day began with a visit from the kids in Giggles creche dressed in their Halloween outfits, who were duly treated to a storytime session.
As the day progressed it included a visit from retired RTE broadcaster and author,  and  indeed native son of Ballivor, bearing gifts of various books: John Quinn wishing all well .
Later we were treated to a visit from Paddy Rispin fromTrim , in full medieval battle dress: a knight with a plethora of weapons including, swords, a spear, shields and even a mace. He gave a remarkable, informative talk, on early warfare enthralling both children and adults alike.Children were allowed to hold the weapons and chain mail  and even try on the helmets.There were all manner of entertainment and goodies for the kids throughout the day
Local volunteers were on hand to keep everything running smoothly.
Antonia from Antonia's bookshop also arrived in the evening to donate a hamper of books.
The evening was rounded off with an evening of chat, poetry, readings, speeches, light hearted banter, plenty of food provided by the able volunteers and  attended by many  well known  personages, both political and literary.There was a full house.
Ronan Moore gave us a chat on Irishology. There were poetry readings from members of the Meath writers circle and the Boyne writers. We had  readings from members of the Boyne writers and The Meath writers circle.
Michael Farry(poet and Historian) gave the opening speech and read a couple of his poems.
Noel French was MC for the evening.
Meath politicians were well represented including Ray Butler, Joe Fox, Ronan McKenna, Trevor Golden, Joe Reilly and Caroline Lynch. And of course commitee members Tracy Mc Illhenny and Noel French.
The library was indeed looking well and benefited greatly from funding procured by Caroline Lynch from Meath County Council which was used to upgrade shelving etc.
Local authors and residents MJ McGearty and Brid Hiney were on hand to cut the ribbon. Brid gave a fine  speech and praised the endeavour.
Yvonne Kavanagh(Chairlady of the local Community Council) and other members, who have supported the project well, were also on hand.Anne Corrigan from local magazine  Revolve also attended.
Other authors present , who said a few words included American author and number 1 bestseller Jax Miller(now living in Enfield) and fellow successful author Jo Spain.
Members expressed gratitude for all support and encouragement received, locally and from further afield,including from, Meath libraries and indeed The Meath Chronicle, also local magazine Revolve and Trim's focus  who helped publicize the venture and make people aware of its existence..
All in all the evening was indeed a resounding success, enjoyed by all and a great credit to the community spirit which made it all possible, still alive and well in the town of Ballivor.

The Linnpods Nov 5 -2015 . This week with English Professor Twana Biram

Well this week I spoke to Professor Twana Biram from North Carolina  an old writing  buddy and a lovely lady to chat with,.hope you enjoy.