A lake in Dromineer

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nothing in particular

Well the article I previously posted was screwing up my site so I deleted it. Though I have no doubt that it was a most excellent piece and of great value to many.I will happily email a copy to anyone who wants it if they let me know. Also I have more stuff to post and I have to trawl through a mountain before I can get room. Sorry for any confusion. I am of course more often on facebook, so many posts are there if you want a looksee.
It's almost Christmas again ...Ugh. I'll be glad when it's over.
The world is supposed to end on the 21st Dec 2012, according to some, well we'll see. Not a lot we can do about it anyway. The end has been nigh on many occasions in the past, let's see if they got it right on this occasion...Who knows? Not I. 

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