A lake in Dromineer

Monday, 23 August 2021

Another poem from my Covid series of poems which I have been writing since alll this started


The corporate BS

You say you need more control,

Too many people on the dole,

All the money that you stole,

Great virtues on which you extoll,

More shit comes out your mouth than your ass.

This evil world you are making.

So many suffering hearts you are breaking,

The foundation of your world will be shaking.

You think it's all there for the taking,

But your world is made of glass.

You think we're going under,

But you didn't hear the thunder,

It's coming soon for you,

All your wealth and plunder ,

While people die of hunger,

You know it cannot last,

The people they are waking.

I think you are mistaking us,

When you think you own it all,

The world you are creating is rotten to the core,

Forever you keep taking much more than you need.

Stubborn in your greed ,

Someday you will be over,

No more your world of clover,

Down into the gutter and may you never rise again.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

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Sunday, 16 May 2021

A poem I wrote reflecting these times we are in


A different shade of a similar theme

Still feeling strong,even as things go wrong every day.

Who can say what is truth or lie?

The broken cry but get no help,

Only platitudes from the ones who do not care.

Do you dare to make a difference?

Or only be just the same as the rest.

Safer I'll bet but not much use to anyone but you

and those who abuse the system.

All a piece of cake and the lies they bake till they're crispy and brown.

Who knows the truth or even what it is?

But it won't make you rich and that's your game after all.

Crawl and you'll be safe,

Pretend you don't see all the deceit and scheming.

Go on believing that you have some use,

Though what it is I cannot really say.

Tomorrow or today who can say how you have changed and lost your soul,

Just to pay the toll to cross the crooked bridge.

Like them all we saw the fall of a decent man,

From honest truther to souless computer, parroting what they tell you,

To get on to get along and make no waves

And no difference at all, as you go down the drain into

the sewer to join your pals.

It won't be long till you won't notice the smell,

For you will stink the same as them.

So who is to blame? Is it the money? Is it the system?

Or is it you?