A lake in Dromineer

Monday, 5 March 2012

This one I call A house full of cats .....Meeeooow!

   A house full of cats

I live in a house full of cats
And they're positively driving me bats.
They wee on the carpet and scratch all the doors,
They purr all the time ,I don't know what for.
They fart near my nose and scent mark my clothes.
They wreck the whole house and then have a doze.
Their claws are like knives when they're scratching my leg.
Why don't they roll over and just learn to beg?
They swing off the curtains and torment the budgie.
Some cats are skinny and some are quite pudgy.
They steal half my dinner and open the press.
They've pulled down the washing and torn the wife's dress.
They drive me bananas in every way,
From morning till night and from night time till day.
It is extremely possible I might go insane,
Now they're biting and scratching at my  leg  again
me-Ow!    mee  -Ow!    meee -Ow!........Ow!


  1. I think they're trying to tell you something James.


    1. Michael you're not wrong there.I know whose boss in the house and it isn't me, that's for sure