A lake in Dromineer

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sadly another piece of our constitution has been lopped off and my belief in our political system, which was never great, is around zero right now.The consequences of this will be felt in years to come. Anyhow here is a poem...folks we ain't done yet...

Ireland why do you weep 
Have the politicians sold you out again?
Have the liars and thieves just taken over then
And left your children bereft?
Sold into a bondage of debt to make the big boys fat.
There's people on the street now, well what do you think of that?
They're lying away like billyo, they tell us we're doing fine.
Making sure to look after themselves, indifferent to me and mine.
Can you tell me where our futures went?
So tell me is this deceit now spent?
Hearts full to bursting with pain and sadness.
I believed them once, you know it's true, but that way leads to madness.
What evil makes you weep? What terror makes you feel small?
Did someone make a foul-up? Has someone dropped the ball?
Depriving us of the right to live in safety and shelter without fear.
Living well, they laugh at us, with twisted smiles they sneer.
Cheating us as well they can, because they have the power.
There is no doubt the day will come, when they too will have their hour.
I hope then that they feel the pain we do with hearts that are simply breaking,
To feel up close and personal the havoc they're creating.
Borrowed time is what they're on though they don't see it yet,
They laugh right now and ridicule when families get upset.
My people, we've been cast upon this evil, bitter road,
The vicious lies they told us, those bitter seeds they sowed.
Bring the "mighty" down from their high perches gloating.
Give people back their power, leave the useless one's a doting.
We've had enough there is no doubt, it's time to sort them out.
The people reign and people are what society is all about.


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