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Sunday, 4 June 2017

A former FBI chief speaks out

I posted this before and I watched it again lately.It goes to show how subdued and entirely fucked up is our society , 
that despite the information given by this man that nothing really has been done.Why do you go to fight people in foreign countries who have done you no wrong, the enemy is within. hundreds of thousands of children are being abducted buggered and butchered across the world not just America and nothing has been done..Why do you cooperate with this foul Satanic system.Do you not see it all hinges around money and Satanism. I tried to highlight the child abductions before.Such doings have been going on a long time and now they are at a zenith but people hide from the truth.Why do people make no effort to defend these children from such vile scumbags. Even W B Yeats the Irish poet was in my opinion a freemason scumbag paedo..Read his poem The Stolen child it is about a child abduction he took part in where they took the child into the hills to bugger torture and sacrifice him .And they made the bastard inspector of schools as well as a Senator( an Irish one). When blind stupid people refuse to see this is what happens. The masons, the Catholic church, the Royal family, all fucking royals, Satanists..This cannot be allowed to continue and if it does it will have no good end for anyone. Are people aware and just chickenshit or or just dumb ,blind and stupid. Many people are speaking out but nothing is done. People take great personal risk to expose the truth and most people hardly blink. How worthless people are today despite the info available today.  many  claiming to be  Christians  refuse to see  a  subject well documented in the bible  if they bother to read it.