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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Vatican , the third Reich and the occult/Satanism

It reads like a newspaper headline. I left the Catholic church for many reasons, as I  began to think it did not have much to do with Christianity. Of course I had many reasons besides that, I suppose I left it because I was/am a bible reader, a Christian and it was not too hard to see that much of their teaching is corrupt and false and has been from the start. They practice Satanism behind the scenes, have been mass murderers and mass abusers of children since forever. Their sins are legion. That they have remained unexposed for this long is a mystery to me.It just shows how little people ever actually look at their beliefs and the truth or lies therein contained.
Previous generations never did and did not have the courage to do so. My mother Lord rest her a good soul and a good  mother never questioned a thing about the Catholic church nor allowed  us to do so either but like many of her era followed blindly, said the rosary as often as she could. But there is no basis for any of this tripe in the bible. There is even some of the bible which is contradictory and a bit dodgy here and there too    to say the least.But yet there is no doubt it is on the whole a very powerful book.Yet I remain a Christian  and hopefully a seeker of truth. I don't pretend to know it all, I don't force my beliefs on anyone. But I'll not be intimidated by anyone into not speaking the truth as I see it, just for a quiet life. At this moment in time spiritual battles of good and evil are being fought on a global scale, symbols of Satanism and their doings are all around if you know what they are and recognize them. I greatly fear for the kids of this generation.being pummeled constantly by media and the internet, access to porn sites on the web, violence and all kinds of filth..I think it was Isaiah who likened the wicked as like the sea waves coming to shore dragging it's muck and filth with it wherever it went..
Well today I read a quote in Isaiah again which made me think it went like this: "You are doomed you make unjust laws that oppress my people, that is how you keep the poor from having their rights and from getting justice". Now ain't that just it. I know there are good people in the Catholic church, but the system has been rotten from the start and that is something I once thought I would never say Sorry if this offends you it is not my intention. Be well all..  .

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