A lake in Dromineer

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Re my launch many thanks

Well many thanks indeed to all who were at my launch for The Potless Generation at the Trim  Castle hotel Trim County Meath it was great I most enjoyed the open mic myself.Thanks Frank for  doing compere  and to all who came and read well done.
Thanks also to people who traveled long distances to be there, well done. I am glad it is over though, as I was getting a bit stressed as the date approached and was most gratified that all went well. You know how it is I am sure. Phew! Some of my pics are not great and I got a few good ones from Frank Murphy.I missed a couple of people reading too, so sorry for that, with the way my head was on the night it was a wonder I got any at all .Well thanks again folks , onward and upward as they do say.Be  well.

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