A lake in Dromineer

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Water and privitization

Well the corporate takeover of Ireland and the world is well under way. So many cannot see the agenda at hand and what is about to happen. But then if you never look how will you actually see.Allowing people to buy and sell water as a commodity was folly from the start. Water is life. you cannot deprive a person of life just because they have no money. I wonder what it might take to wake up the braindead, gormless people in our society who think that because they are well heeled now everything is fine. By the time they actually understand it it will be too late for them also. There is no shortage of water only the greedy create this illusion.Our seas are full of water that could be filtered.It is in the interest of the rich and powerful to create artificle shortages by polluting  clean water and closing down local wells and so on. We are being swindled anew daily by corporate greed and of course the politicians are in on it, as always, and use the police and the system to bully us into compliance. In ancient Rome they called their sewer "The system", I guess things have not changed very much

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