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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A poem from my book " The Potless Generation" that I wrote for the protest movement

Protesters all over the world and here are owed a great debt for fighting the good fight in spite of everything and holding the line, with little or no thanks or indeed credit for all their efforts. We are losing rights every day and only a few realize and try to do anything about it.Well this is my tribute to them.
                           Attack the system

We're going to attack the system in every conceivable way

We're the protest movement for the people and we are here to stay.

Attack this twisted system, yes this is what we'll do.

We'll challenge our despot leaders who clearly haven't got a clue.

We may not win at first, we may not win at all.

But we'll keep on going to the end, eventually they'll fall.

Attack these hideous people who want to put us down.

They try to frighten and ridicule but we will stand our ground.

Attack this tyrant dynasty and those traitors who oppress,

Who create only human misery, degradation and distress.

Attack deceitful liars, yes we can make them fall.

Their structure built upon the people's backs, to make the people crawl.

It's time to pull it down at last, yes time to stop it dead.

The power that we gave them has gone right to their head.

Overpaid, useless, self obsessed, seeking only to sell us out,

Depriving the people of their rights, every just law they flout.

Attack this corporate evil and all the lies they've told,

The price of human dignity cannot be bought and sold.

Our betrayers are all around us, it's time to reign them in,

They may have power for a while but they won't always win.

This system they've created, was a system born in hell.

They think that all our children are just commodities to buy and sell.

We won't be told, we're out of control, we won't be bluffed or bullied.

They've brought our country to a new low our reputation sullied.

We the people are standing now and it may be overdue,

Against all deceit that has gone before, it's time to start anew.

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