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Friday, 6 November 2015

Well Ballivor library got its official opening

All the glitteratti were there .......even Michael Farry.

A Knight in Ballivor
On  Thursday October  22  2015  after a year in service, the official opening was held for Ballivor Community library.
It was a full day of events:
The day began with a visit from the kids in Giggles creche dressed in their Halloween outfits, who were duly treated to a storytime session.
As the day progressed it included a visit from retired RTE broadcaster and author,  and  indeed native son of Ballivor, bearing gifts of various books: John Quinn wishing all well .
Later we were treated to a visit from Paddy Rispin fromTrim , in full medieval battle dress: a knight with a plethora of weapons including, swords, a spear, shields and even a mace. He gave a remarkable, informative talk, on early warfare enthralling both children and adults alike.Children were allowed to hold the weapons and chain mail  and even try on the helmets.There were all manner of entertainment and goodies for the kids throughout the day
Local volunteers were on hand to keep everything running smoothly.
Antonia from Antonia's bookshop also arrived in the evening to donate a hamper of books.
The evening was rounded off with an evening of chat, poetry, readings, speeches, light hearted banter, plenty of food provided by the able volunteers and  attended by many  well known  personages, both political and literary.There was a full house.
Ronan Moore gave us a chat on Irishology. There were poetry readings from members of the Meath writers circle and the Boyne writers. We had  readings from members of the Boyne writers and The Meath writers circle.
Michael Farry(poet and Historian) gave the opening speech and read a couple of his poems.
Noel French was MC for the evening.
Meath politicians were well represented including Ray Butler, Joe Fox, Ronan McKenna, Trevor Golden, Joe Reilly and Caroline Lynch. And of course commitee members Tracy Mc Illhenny and Noel French.
The library was indeed looking well and benefited greatly from funding procured by Caroline Lynch from Meath County Council which was used to upgrade shelving etc.
Local authors and residents MJ McGearty and Brid Hiney were on hand to cut the ribbon. Brid gave a fine  speech and praised the endeavour.
Yvonne Kavanagh(Chairlady of the local Community Council) and other members, who have supported the project well, were also on hand.Anne Corrigan from local magazine  Revolve also attended.
Other authors present , who said a few words included American author and number 1 bestseller Jax Miller(now living in Enfield) and fellow successful author Jo Spain.
Members expressed gratitude for all support and encouragement received, locally and from further afield,including from, Meath libraries and indeed The Meath Chronicle, also local magazine Revolve and Trim's focus  who helped publicize the venture and make people aware of its existence..
All in all the evening was indeed a resounding success, enjoyed by all and a great credit to the community spirit which made it all possible, still alive and well in the town of Ballivor.