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Monday, 30 September 2013

We bite the hand a poem by me which I wrote not too long ago

There are so many injustices in our society today causing misery all around for so many. Some people think it has nothing to do with them, because they're okay and to hell with everybody else. There are others, however, who have stood their ground against the minions of the state, the banks and others, risking their own necks to help so many, sometimes simply by showing that they gave a damn and that people in trouble were not alone. Some people go to church and call themselves Christians but you would never know it from the lives they lead. I wonder how they will feel when they are in trouble, as many people are, through no fault of their own. My father was a fearless, determined  man, you could always rely on him to stand with you when you needed help, in his heyday. He remembered the British Black and Tans and their doings when he was a child in Galway. He used to say: "I was a man when a man was wanted," and that he was. When they buried him one of my relations said to me at the funeral,"he's the last of the ould sthock." And that seems more true today than ever.
Perhaps  too there ought to be "Christians when real Christians are wanted" Churches have never represented Christianity to me, to me they are all about money and power.Though one does find a Christian among them from time to time. But this is no religious lesson and I'd be hardly the one to give it if it was..
.This poem is for the people, some, though not all, who say they don't even  believe in God at all, but they behave as Christians and real citizens should, regardless of their beliefs, and help their fellow men women and children. Whether it is evictions or food or money or a shoulder to lean on etc. Above all they stand up both as individuals and together against the ongoing oppression of their fellow citizens involving the collusion of financial interests and the state not just in Ireland
but the world over. I give you: "We bite the hand".
We bite the hand

We bite the hand that starves us, we bite the hand that cheats,

That keeps us down by any means, with many great deceits.

We bite the hand that cuts, we bite the hand that kills.

That hurts the weak and innocent, and tries to break our wills.

We bite the hand that fills the world with viciousness and lies.

Who take away our freedoms and watch us with their spies.

We fear not all their tyranny and the things they do for gain.

Afflicting poor and helpless, indifferent to their pain.

We  bite the hand that tells us we are born to be their slaves,

And praises our fallen heroes while dancing on their graves.

Who would only wish to brutalize and subjugate the earth,

Only seeing our children for the money they are worth.

We bite the hand of twisted minds, who crush the people down.

We are not crushed, we are not beaten, our day will come around.

Someday it will be all over and truth shall then be known.

Then we will be at peace together and make this world our own.

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