A lake in Dromineer

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Irish life and me an amazing book

Do you know your rights? Do you think that all law is lawful? Do you know the difference between common law and maritime/British company law? Which has precedence over the other? Do you think taxation is legal just and fair? Well here is a link, if you don't buy the whole book on e-book or hard copy, you can download the first chapter for free. These guys have won court cases using common law. The powers that be tried everything to stop the books release, using dirty tricks. Now it is out, read it and make them weep for a change:


  1. James,
    Poetry Book ready for launch. Knightsbrook Trim 18th October. 7.30.

    1. Got this only now Frank apologies for not replying sooner of course I was there so all is well anyway thank you and again well done to you and Willie