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Saturday, 25 November 2017

What it says in the bible

This is a new post  discussing what it really says in the bible
What it says in the Bible.
I am just treating this as a book not just pushing my opinion on people
nor getting into the religious side just what it actually says,not what they say it says how it reads to me.
This may become a blog if anyone is interested.It gets a bit tedious people misusing and corrupting scripture to cause trouble and harm needlessly. I am not discussing other religious I don't know about, just the Bible which I have read from cover to cover a few times.That does not make me infallible,,doubtless I will make errors along the way ,feel free to correct but do it politely.Explaining the error you perceive.Thank you for listening..Will attach link below:. By the by the name Genises means "Origin."

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