A lake in Dromineer

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Assange remains in Ecuador embassy in London for safety.

In this world today it is just  dangerous to expose the truth.Assange  and others  have  suffered  and  are suffering  for   revealing   the real  truth behind the ongoing lies. The big  military powers  who want to bully us all and pound  any dissent into the dirt  while stealing  all  wealth in its various forms for themselves. They never seem to have enough of  anything no matter what they get. Many  assert that   WW 3 has been well under way for some time. Getting  control of all money and oil seems to be top of the list to start with. Assassination  and  war   seem to go hand in hand    with furthering their  insatiable greed  and  ambition, as it always has. How they are actually linked  the world over  would  frighten anyone  in what they are capable of. there may be  bad days ahead

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