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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Here is an article I posted on facebook to vent some of my feelings about where our country and world is going

Our country, what next?Here is something I have thought long and hard about. Changed my views again and again, and disgarded many possible solutions because for one reason or another I thought they would not work, too difficult to implement, not practical etc.
Here are a few of my thoughts on these matters. It is something to reflect on for all our various protest groups and angry citizens, pulling sometimes, though not always, in different directions. Well intentioned people, with some good ideas, caring, compassionate, good hearted and patriotic. We all know what we don't want, some of us have individual causes and are prepared to fight to the death for them, some just want to get this government out and change society. All very laudable, but the thing is what exactly do we want or need and how do we go about getting it? Yes change, but how and what?
Here, let me stress I am merely putting forward some ideas here, for one reason or another such ideas might be impractical, unworkable or just a bad idea. Some may require courage which people do not have. But hey, I'm just thinking out loud here. Read it disagree, forget it, no matter, I am just forwarding ideas and opinions here. You have your own minds accept or reject them as you choose.
One assumes we all want a fair, honourable and just society. A fairer sharing out of our country's wealth so that all get a fair crack of the whip. It's not a crime to be rich of course, but it may be a crime to be excessively rich when so many are in abject poverty and for all their high tech security, the wealthy need not expect to remain safe and secure, if people get desperate enough and if the country or indeed the world collapses, their wealth could disappear overnight or indeed simply become irrellevent. Currency, property, shares, gold, silver etc, these things only have value while people believe in them and attach value to them or indeed can afford them. I might add the same applies to power and politicians, perhaps moreso.
The president of Rwanda, whose name evades me right now, remarked:
"If the rich will not share it's wealth with the poor, the poor may soon share their poverty and chaos with them."
So then I would say it is in the interest of the wealthy to have a fairer society, in which people are safe and secure in their homes with food on the table and an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families.
My father, now long dead, who worked in England for a time said of the powers that were, at the time in England:
"Every time the dole queues got too long they'd start a war somewhere and wipe out a load of them."
Things have not changed very much today, the poor do the dying and the super rich get richer. If the wealthy people's only solution is to wipe us out, well what can one say to that. They've done it for generations but no one really looked before. There have in some countries you would not expect, been paedophiles, thieves and child murderers,mass murderers and sick people in power and intelligence services,again paid for by the people, were aware of this and are aware of this but did not expose such doings. It seems that criminality can be overlooked when it suits the institution to turn a blind eye. Evidence of criminality in government throughout the world has been and is rife and so far they have got away with it very nicely indeed especially in the west. Truth is a fearful thing.
Governments owned by the rich or favouring the rich, powerful or influential are anathema to a just society.
I have thus far been speaking in generalities and not specifics.
What then of Ireland? We want to get it right this time and not become the ultimate downfall of our country.
Someone wrote,
"The E.U. is a rich man's club composed of and run by and for former colonial powers."
Could be, but I suspect it is more complicated than that at a world level, with many more players included, though it may well amount to the same thing for the smaller countries. An American friend of mine, ex-military recently told me he was certain that America was controlling the EU. Again I suspect there is more to tell and be known.
Communism as it was implemented, amounted to another dictatorship and spread much misery and poverty rather than sharing the wealth. So we seek something combining fairness, justice, integrity, efficiency and practicality in it's function: Simplify bureaucracy, law and government, make them practical, accessable, understandable, efficient and just.
Economists got us to here so take their advice in very small doses, if at all.
In my opinion, we need to withdraw from the EU and perhaps draw up a new agreement by which (as a sovereign nation) we can still do business and only that.
Or do we dare to further "sup with the devil", as it were.
"Be certain that he who has betrayed thee once will betray thee again" (Johann Kaspar Lavatar)
Withdraw from organizations which while pretending to support peace merely propagate the power of the great war machines of the world. We must have our own currency, printed, controlled and administered by our government and not some privately owned bank out for profit. All debts could be paid off with this currency and we'd get it the same way everybody gets it, by printing it from fresh air. Much as they may try to pretend otherwise. In fact what they print is actual debt and charge countries interest to draw down their own money, as well as repaying the original principle and thus enslave the people in bottomless, eternal debt. The only other option is to default on all bank debt, our sovereign debt is actually managable. If the big boys decide to stomp on us and our new currency, default on everything they are owed. Close down their agents and pals in our midst and their multinationals, make sure they don't get another cent from this country. I don't say it would be easy but if we work together we could come out of it in control of our own destiny at last and start again. I think such an action, over time, would mortally wound the financial criminals and their minions despite their arrogance.
Reduce wages and pensions which are excessive and give all a fair income which permits them to have a reasonable standard of living.
Seize all oil and gas resources until a new contract can be drawn up which ensures a fair shake for the Irish people and our country. Research alternative energies which would allow us to produce our own energy to run our cars heat our homes and run our industry.
Take back the 300 mile exclusion zone along our coastal waters which was usurped by the EEC, forerunner of the EU with it's common fisheries policy, which ultimately destroyed the Irish fishing industry. This policy allowed huge foreign trawlers to have carte-blanch in Irish waters while Irish fishing vessels were esentially regulated to oblivion, piecemeal.
Encourage local democracy, innovation and fund local projects and encourage ideas and development at every level.
A proper enquiry needs to be made into the financial chaos and be they banker, politician or civil servant if they are found to have been involved in scullduggery they should have their pensions revoked and possibly jailed if required.
Secret organizations and those whose loyalties are elsewhere need to be rooted from all levels within the system, especially positions of government and authority. Certain laws need to be looked at and possibly removed.
While I have nothing against foreign migrants, it seems only reasonable that priority should be given to getting Irish citizens, I include migrants who now have citizenship, into jobs before allowing further immigration.
Avoid, where possible, looking like a police state but be prepared to oppose strongly, those who seek to subvert the progress of our nation. Particularly those who seek to tyrranize our nation using debt and sharp practice as a cugel to beat us down.
As regards the endless taxes loaded onto the people's backs, which stifle all growth and tyranize the population. So many taxes make our businesses uncompetitive not to mention what it does to ordinary people.The great lie that we are a low tax economy is the biggest crock of shit ever. It gives people no chance whatsoever, of ever of rising from the mire of insolvency and perpetual struggle. Many taxes could be abolished if the debt situation was sorted and it could be.
I definitely believe there should be an upper limit put on all excessive wages and pensions , which often go to people whose jobs from society's point are more parasitic than productive and in some cases do more harm than good.
Government terms should be shortened and subject to review, by the people who should be able to dismiss them on grounds of corruption or incompetence etc. People need to have far more access and influence on government, ordinary people and not merely the special few with money and influence to bribe and bully and get their way.
We need new approaches to criminality, drug addiction, homelessness, mental problems and children's welfare and education.
We live in a very predatory society, it is not a kind or caring world that we live in, nor is it forgiving of mistakes or misfortunes, making it hard to get back up when you fall.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: Barack Obama's former mentor remarked in a speech,
"Years ago it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million people, today it is easier to kill a million people than to control them."
Is that where we're headed? To be slaughtered with weapons paid for by the taxpayer. These weapons we were told through the media were to keep us "safe" from terrorists, Russians, Iraqis, Al Qaeda, or some other invented baddie to scare the shit out of everybody and make them comply with the current agenda, but the enemy was within all along. Was it not?
So if given the opportunity to change things, would our people run around like frightened, spineless, headless chickens? Or would they rise to the challenge and face down the ones who seek to enslave us, come what may and rise to the challenge with rational determination and imagination?
" I have often noticed that when chickens quit quarrelling over their food, they often find there is enough for all of them. I wonder if it might not be the same with the human race." (Don Marquis)
By the by if you have anything to add/ better suggestions, let us hear them, that is my 10 cents worth on the matter, take it or leave it.


  1. Was it Che who said "All people really want is a bus stop down the street!" Listening to Joe Duffy today and the woman who was clamped for €120 euro at Navan Hospital, who would bring in such people to a public hospital? I give up!

  2. Don't get me started Frank, between thuggery and incompetence of our current politicians. I fear for the next generation.